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Diclofenac is used to treat pain or inflammation caused by arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis.

Is diclofenac available over the counter uk has banned the use of these drugs in hospitals because they are ineffective and associated with a rise in kidney stones and blood dyscrasias.[6] It appears that as a preventive measure, the most common adverse effect of this drug is a mild increase in the number of liver flukes However when combined with a few other herbs, the most commonly reported adverse effect of diclofenac is severe nausea.[47] There appears to be less reported adverse effects with the combination of anacardic acid, borage seed, and turmeric, which seems to be the safest combination of herbs for the use diclofenac.[5] Other possible adverse effects are dizziness, weight gain, rash, and urinary retention. There are not enough studies to support any of these, however, so take care and follow the instructions for diclofenac. Pregnancy If you are planning on getting pregnant, there is an increased risk for diclofenac's effects on the developing fetus with breastfeeding. There have not been any studies conducted on an infant when exposed to diclofenac. It is important to avoid breast-feeding and use birth control. It is recommended to discontinue breastfeeding and therapy if you become pregnant.[21] It is also recommended to discontinue diclofenac immediately if Can i buy diclofenac online you become pregnant. Do not breast-feed if you may be pregnant. Side effects Some of the possible side effects diclofenac are listed below. For the full list of adverse effects, please see the full prescribing information for diclofenac. Skin rash Diclofenac skin rash can occur in some people upon first exposure to the drug after it is orally ingested, so you may need to apply a thin layer of sunscreen or bandages to wash your face with cool water after taking diclofenac.[48] Skin ulceration Diclofenac skin ulceration is more likely to occur during the first few months after administration of this drug.[6] Other side effects Nausea Diclofenac can cause nausea. It is highly recommend that you avoid taking diclofenac if experience nausea and that you not to eat foods with the spice turmeric.[49] Many people feel better after a week or so of avoiding dic.

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